Play video content COULDN'T BE PROUDER Doug Flutie says his gorgeous daughter, Alexa, was "in the mix" to become a Maxim cover model ... but a gnarly accident with a dog forced her to back out of the contest. TMZ Sports spoke with the ex-football star about the former NFL cheerleader throwing her hat in the ring for Maxim's cover girl contest earlier this year ... and he says he was "
Play video content BEATEN BEHIND BARS Joe Exotic is speaking out about his alleged 2020 beatdown at the hands of 8 correction officers in an Oklahoma jail. The "Tiger King" star released a new audio clip on Twitter, explaining what allegedly happened to him -- in grisly detail -- during an apparent phone convo from behind bars. The clip is from the "Lauren Interviews" podcast. Waiting for your permission to load Spotify episode.
It comes from the depths Of a place unknown to the Keeper of dreams If it could then it would steal The sun and the moon from the sky BewareHuman at sight, monster at heart Don't let it inside it could Tear you right apart No guilt, it feeds in plain sight Spirit Crusher Stay strong and hold on tight Spirit Crusher Speaking in killing words The vicious kind that crush and kill
To those on the brink of their very last try To all those who don't have a tear left to cry It's alright There's still hope for you To all those who that they've gone too far Lost in the middle of a broken heart Don't worry He'll see you throughChorus: Cause these are the days of grace Where our deliverance waits And anyone who seeks his face Will never be turned away
[Jeezy: talking] It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood All's well that ends well Outside watering their lawn and shit Birds are chirping, dogs are barking It's beautiful That may be your hood but this is my hood...[Verse 1:] Got the red dogs trippin' and these niggaz still snitchin The old lady across the street still bitchin It's 3 in the mornin take your old ass to sleep The third time she's called the police this week
I pray you'll be our eyes And watch us where we go And help us to be wise In times when we don't knowLet this be our prayer When we lose our way Lead us to a place Guide us with your grace To a place where we'll be safe La luce che to dai I pray we'll find your light Nel cuore restero And hold it in our hearts
Nick Lachey may have found his Perfect Match in wife Vanessa, but his first marriage with pop star Jessica Simpson was rife with drama. The pair’s relationship was heavily scrutinized at the time and it even had its own reality show. Along with a public relationship came a public divorce, and Perfect Match host Nick’s current wife Vanessa has revealed how this was hard on her when they first got together.
Craig and Paige’s relationship has been on full display for viewers to watch on the latest season of Summer House, however they have had a few hurdles along the way… Summer House season 6 is finally underway. The Bravo series follows a group of young professionals on their summer in a house in the Hamptons. Paige DeSorbo is one of the main cast members on the show, and this season she brings along her boyfriend, Craig.
Explore More A 21-year-old Israeli-French tattoo artist who was abducted by Hamas has recalled the horrors that she faced in Gaza in her first interview, saying she “went through a holocaust” during her 54 days in captivity. Mia Schem was asked in a preview clip of an interview with Channel 13 why she decided to open up about her experience at the hands of the terrorists. “It was important to me to relay the truth about the nature of the people who live in Gaza, who they are truly are and what I experienced there,” the young woman tells journalist Lior Veroslavski in the clip released Thursday.