Tyler Perry: Biography, Facts, Family, Relationship, Career, And Net Worth!

Real Name:Tyler Perry
Nick Name:Tyler
Birth Place:New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Date of Birth:September 13, 1969
Height:6 feet 4 inches
Weight:102 kg
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Black
Father’s Name:Emmitt Perry, Sr.
Mother’s Name:Willie Maxine Perry
Siblings:Melva Porter, Emmbre Perry, Yulanda Wilkins
Zodiac Sign:Vigro
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Martial Status:Unmarried
Girlfriend:Gelila Bekele
Profession:Actor, Director, Producer, Writer, Comedian
Net Worth:$800 million
Last Updated:2021

Do you know Tyler Perry ? If Yes, then how much? If not more, then we are here for you as we gather his age, height, weight, husband, children profile the particulars of his life along with the Net Worth collected in 2021. Have a look below:

Tyler Perry Early life: 

Perry was born (September 13, 1969) in Louisiana. He didn’t finish high school, and he got a GED. Tyler started writing to help him heal mental injuries following abuse by several family members in his younger years. In the early 20s, the Oprah Winfrey Show episode that described a person’s positive and therapeutic impacts inspired him to pursue a career in the field.

The writing was a useful escape for Perry. He then wrote a series of lyrics which was later the jump-off for the I Know I’ve Been Changed musical.

Both this and his other stage productions quickly became fans across Atlanta and beyond, with over 35,000 audiences per week peaking. Perry reportedly sold his plays more than $100 million in tickets and related videos and merchandise for $30 million before filming a single Hollywood movie.

Tyler Perry Personal life: 

At the age of 16, Perry changed legal names to distance himself from his abusive dad Emmitt Perry, Sr. Years later, however, a DNA test found that Emmitt Sr. was not the biological father of Perry. Perry has been in contact with Gelila Bekele, the model, and social activist, since 2009. Bekele bore Aman Tyler Perry’s son in November 2014. Apart from TV and film, Perry promotes a range of charitable issues and frequently provides resources for the needy. In 2009, Perry sponsored Walt Disney World by 65 children in a Philadelphia Day Camp.

Tyler Perry Controversy: 

In October 2008, Tyler Perry Studios unlawfully fired four writers in response to the attempt to enter into a union contract. The Writers Guild of America and West filed unfair labor practices charges against the National Labor Relations Board. A month later, the dispute was resolved. Perry, who ran a TV ad, claimed he offensively parodied his work, was threatened by legal action against a tax preparation firm from Memphis in early 2009, most specifically Madea Goes to Jail. The publication showed a large, dragged Caucasian named Mae Madea. 

Tyler Perry Film Success: 

Perry came to Lionsgate production studio with a proposal to jump away from his homegrown success. For a next film, which would have a budget of $5.5 million, Perry would put up half his money. Lionsgate raised the other half and paid a 12 percent distribution charge for the marketing. After these costs, they would evenly divide the profits. Their first film was the 2005 Mad Black Woman’s Journal. The movie grew domestically to $50.6 million and ultimately earned $150 million in TV and home video sales. Perry owns the content and retains half the profits as part of his Lionsgate deal.

Perry’s first film, Madea’s Family Reunion, came in 2006 with his second film that opened at $30.3 million at the box office. In the end, the film was 65 million dollars gross. Tyler produced 14 “Madea” films. These films at the box office amounted to nearly $700 million. Less than 10 million dollars are required for every film. Since Perry almost entirely independently writes, directs, and produces all of his films, he can bring home the Lion’s share in every benefit of his movie. Perry’s films are usually aimed at an African American public and often include subtle ones.

Tyler Perry’s upcoming movie Paw Patrol is the movie adaptation for the popular animated canine rescue series.The animated movie will release in theaters on October 20, 2021. 

Tyler Perry Television Success: 

Tyler Perry’s Payne House, a popular sitcom, ran for eight seasons, from June 21, 2006, until August 10, 2012. Initially, CW was shown, and unforeseen huge ratings for this new network were generated. TBS tempted Perry and Payne away from CW by allowing him a $200 million guarantee of production plus a 90-episode commitment. Tyler owned the show. Famous for its production, Tyler only spent $60 million. He maintained for himself the remaining $140 million.

The film was produced in January 2009 and concluded on November 18, 2011, when “Meet the Browns” premiered on TBS.

There are some upcoming shows of Tyler Perry on different streaming sites: The Oval Season 2, Ruthless, The have and the have nots, Sistas Season 2, etc.

Tyler Perry Other Work: 

Perry played several roles in films, such as Star Trek, Alex Cross, 2012, Gone Girl, Ninja Turtle, a teenager, Out of the Shadows, and Vice (2016). Perry has played several roles (2018). Perry has also produced the magazine “Don’t Make a Black Woman Take Off Her Earrings”, a magazine that has sold 30,000 copies and has achieved #1 in the New York Times Bestselling list. Tyler Perry is one the highest paid black actor.

Tyler Perry Studios: 

Tyler Perry Studios was founded in 2006, a film production studio based in Atlanta. In 2019, Perry finally opened the new house in Tyler Perry Studios, on the 330-acre former Fort McPherson military base he bought four years earlier. It was a Confederate military base during the civil war. Perry paid 30 million dollars for the property and then spent 250 million dollars on renovations and upgrades.

The permanent sets include a perfect replica of the White House, a trailer park, a luxurious hotel, and a 16,000 square feet mansion, approximately 50,000 feet of the studio lot. Black Panther was the first film shot on the lot with the Marvel Blockbuster.

It is one of the world’s biggest studios and has made Tyler the first Afro-American to have an important studio. Other studios like Netflix and Amazon have spent $100 million renting out the studio’s facilities in a particular year.

Tyler Perry BET+: 

Tyler was granted an equity interest in the BET+ streaming network as part of ViacomCBS, paying Tyler Perry Studios $150 million a year for content production. The stake today is estimated to be 50 million dollars.

Tyler Perry Net Worth:

A US actor, director, songwriter, and producer, Tyler Perry has a net value of $800 million. He is one of the most prosperous personalities in the entertainment industry. In his career, over 30 films, 20 stage productions, and eight TV shows have been directed and produced by him. He gains from his extensive entertainment empire between $200 and $250 million every year. Being a producer, he now earns $150 million a year from a ViacomCBS deal alone.

He’s a genuine tycoon. From the beginning of a single play he wrote and made, named I know I’ve been changed, his empire has been built. As he lived in his car, Tyler spoke to a mini-theater empire that eventually became a massive multimedia empire today. 

Tyler Perry Real estate: 

Most of his time Perry spends in Atlanta, where he builds an extensive new residence not far from Tyler Perry Studios. He has planned to transform a portion of the land into an organic farm. (In May 2016, Perry sold $17.5 million in the nine years he lived in Atlanta’s 35,000-square-foot mansion.) In addition, Perry is the owner of a residence on 20 hectares of White Bay island in the Bahamas of the 14,000 square foot area. He allegedly paid the property $6.4 million in 2009. In 2018 Perry split his 10-bedroom home in Mulholland Estates in the state of Los Angeles, which he bought for $14.5 million only nine months earlier. He sold the house to rapper and songwriter Pharrell Williams for 15.6 million dollars.

He still owns a new home in Los Angeles, in the ultra-exclusive Beverly Ridge Estates gated community. On the 22.5 acres property, Perry created what became a villa of 25,000 square feet. It was revealed in May 2020 that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle rented a home in Los Angeles. This house is worth $20 million, based on similar nearby sales.

Tyler Perry Private Jet: 

Tyler owns a private Gulfstream III jet, supposed to be purchased and customized in the amount of $125 million. The jet has a 42-inch LCD flat-screen and satellite hook-up projection room. For the formal room, kitchen, and VIP room, he spent $50 million at least on customizations and furniture. He has used the jet for philanthropic missions and delivered supplies for recently tragedy-stricken countries on several occasions. He has a second private jet similar to that.

Tyler Perry Awards:

  • The BET Honors, Media Award (2009)
  • NAACP Image Awards, Outstanding Direction in a Motion Picture (2011)
  • People’s Choice Awards, Favorite Humanitarian (2017)
  • NAACP Image Awards, Chairman’s Award (2010)
  • Humanitarian Award, Oscars (2021)

Tyler Perry Movies:

  • Diary of A Mad Black Woman (2005)
  • Madea’s Family Reunion (2006)
  • Madea’s Big Happy Family (2011)
  • Madea’s Witness Protection (2012)
  • Alex Cross (2012)
  • The Family That Preys (2008)
  • Madea Goes to Jail (2009)
  • Why Did I Get Married Too? (2010)
  • Boo! A Madea Halloween (2016)
  • A Fall From Grace (2020)
  • Tyler Perry’s Acrimony (2018)
  • A Madea Family Funeral (2019)


Tyler Perry is a successful producer, playwright, writer, and director. He has been a major part of today’s movie industry since the beginning of his career. By 2021, the net value of Tyler Perry is around 800 million dollars.


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Update: 2024-05-07