Too Hot to Handle Season 4 Stars Reveal Relationship Statuses

As for Kayla and Seb—who began their relationship at the start of the season four retreat and left as a couple—well, it's a bit more complicated. 

"At first, Seb and I were dating for a few months," Kayla said. "I traveled to Scotland. It was a lot, all at once."

Ultimately, the travel and distance became too much for the model from Los Angeles and her Scottish boyfriend. "We ended up ending things mutually," Kayla revealed, "but we did not stop communication."

Does that mean there's still a chance for a flame to be reignited in the future?

"I'm still very much in love with her," Seb noted. "I think we've got enough memories to keep continue something together."

The news is even better for James and Brittan, who announced they had broken up during the season four reunion. However, after James moved to Los Angeles and found himself in the same city as Brittan, they decided to give it another shot and he said they've "started seeing each other a lot more."

"I guess you can say James and I are in the dating phase," Brittan added of their relationship, "the dating process."

For updates on more of your Too Hot to Handle season four favorites, including Nigel, Dominique, Sophie and Creed, watch the video below.


Reinaldo Massengill

Update: 2024-05-07